A Loan for 12 Installments – Which Will be the Cheapest? Non-banking with Installments

A Loan for 12 Installments – Which Will be the Cheapest? Non-banking with Installments

In the ranking of non-bank loans which I publish every month in BankerFour, I select specific companies depending on many factors. Both can be the lowest cost of the loan but also the promotion which is covered by the loan, the conditions for obtaining the loan or the waiting time for the loan. Today I will deal with finding the three cheapest non-bank loans with repayment in 12 monthly installments.

Of course, in order to examine the costs of specific loans, a specific loan amount is also needed. I decided that I will perform a test for PLN 3,000 and check which companies will receive the lowest possible monthly installment. It should also be noted that the test allowed only non-bank offers and the amount of the monthly installment is valid as of the day of the test (visible in the article header).

Non-bank loan for 12 installments – cheapest

Non-bank loan for 12 installments - cheapest

1. Zonza
Loan installment: PLN 371.08

Zonza is currently the cheapest non-bank loan offer. Even if someone would find an even cheaper offer, the company is able to reduce our costs even further in the promotion of a low installment loan in Zonza. Just 3000 zlotys is the maximum loan amount we will be borrowing at Wonie today with a maximum repayment period of 12 monthly installments.

A loan for 12 installments in Weda is available to all people who are already 18 years old, have no debts in the debtors’ and Retrodatabase’s registers and have a bank account. Among the proposals presented, this is the fastest loan that we can have in our account in a flashy time.

2. Kaltar
Loan installment: PLN 381.73

Another proposal for a cheap non-bank loan awaits us in Kaltar, although an identical offer can also be found in BiBank – they are two twin brands for which one company is located. In Kaltar, the amount of the installment was only 10 zlotys and more, and the given cost applies to the first installment of the loan and the remaining ones should be slightly lower.

The Ratio loan offer is addressed to people who are at least 20 years old, live in Poland and have documented income. To obtain a loan, we will also need a positive credit history in the BIG debt register.

3. Fromilet
Loan installment: PLN 396.97

Finally, a loan for 12 installments from the popular Fromilet company, which not long ago introduced a self-service loan into its offer. The above calculation of the monthly installment concerns precisely this offer, under which we can obtain the necessary cash without leaving home and holding meetings with company consultants.

The main requirements of Fromilet to grant us a loan are limited to 18 years of age. In addition to having an income to pay off the loan and no more debt. We also need a bank account and a mobile phone to get a web loan.

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