A Loan for Three Monthly Installments – the Cheapest Options to Choose from

A Loan for Three Monthly Installments – the Cheapest Options to Choose from

A loan for three monthly installments? We should find a repayment option both in banks and non-bank companies. Today I am telling where to look for them…

A loan for three monthly installments

A loan for three monthly installments

Sometimes, looking for a loan, we want to pay it off as soon as possible. If in such a situation, neither a payday with a 30-day repayment period nor a 12-month loan would meet our expectations, we can look for a company in which a loan or loan for 3 monthly installments is available.

Unfortunately, not all banks want to provide loans with such a short repayment period because as I checked with the majority, the minimum repayment period is 6 months. The deviation from this principle I found in the sybank internet credit offer which has been starting the loan period for 3 months. Within such a short repayment period, we can in principle choose any loan amount from PLN 500 to even PLN 150,000. Of course, taking out a loan completely via the Internet, we will have to count on a much lower limit which in the case of banks usually amounts to PLN 10-20 thousand. However, the bank loan will be the cheapest option to obtain a 3-month loan.

Slightly more expensive are non-bank companies in this respect, but the choice is currently quite large if we are talking about loan companies with a 3-month repayment period. I found the cheapest option in the Provident offer as part of the Payment and repayment options in monthly installments. Loans installments in this case will not be particularly high, the maximum loan amount in the case of monthly installments can be up to PLN 8,000.

Another company that also has a loan for three monthly installments is Cashmo. The company’s offer is so attractive that the maximum loan limit can be up to PLN 15,000. This is one of the companies that provides loans fully online. This means that formalities related to obtaining a loan will be dealt with without leaving your home.

I also found another 3-installment loan in Truloan or Incredit companies. The first of them grants loans up to PLN 4,000, the second one up to PLN 5,000. Both, however, have a loan limit for new customers – in Truloan it amounts to PLN 1,600, while in Incredit up to PLN 1,500.

Although the cost of loans in non-banking companies will be higher than in banks, most of them allow you to check the exact cost of the loan before applying for a loan. By indicating the amount of the loan and the repayment period, we can see what will be the amount of the monthly installment and the total amount of the loan.

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